Thursday, January 18, 2007

odds and ends

Camp Dawn finished on Tuesday afternoon without any major incidents. A few of us did end up with colds, me being one. I went home to my tiny house and it was so quiet and still. It seemed strange.

Something I've learned is that no matter how many books I read I feel out of sorts if I don't spend time on my prayer rule. It's too easy for me not to. I'd much rather be reading a book or sleeping or anything else sometimes, which is when I know I have to force myself. Another thing I've been thinking about is my job being a nurse every day, caring for people that are dying. Several patients that have been with me the three and a half years I've been there have reposed recently. I spend the majority of my time concerned with peoples' physical and emotional well being, what they're eating and drinking, how their bowels are moving, what their skin looks like, their pain, their bloodwork, their medications, etc. I love the transendency of my Church. If that makes any sense. Rising above everyday life and transforming everyday life, through the grace of God. That's my little ramble for today.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Most Honourable Dawn the Precocious of Happy Bottomshire
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hmmm, I've never been called precocious.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


It snowed over night, and it's still snowing. Everything's covered. I left my camera at home. School has been cancelled, which means the kids have another day of camp Dawn. ;)

Monday, January 15, 2007


I'm spending a few days as a live-in babysitter. This is definitely the longest time I've spent supervising children. Matushka is graduating from her MFA program down in Oregon and I'm taking care of the kids so that Father could go down to Oregon for the graduation. The kids had the day off of school and spent time reading, playing with legos, and dancing along to songs on my laptop, John's favorites were They Might Be Giants, and Nilus loves to play the Decemberists "O Valencia" and Neko Case's "John Saw That Number" over and over. John started to feel sick today, just very tired. Allie's working on making her pet hedgehog friends with my chihuahua. They are acclimated enough now that the hedgehog doesn't puff up and roll into a ball when Nani is around. I'm making dinner. The two older kids will be back to school tomorrow, so I've got lunches to pack. :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

breaking the silence

I'm still here. I just wanted to let anyone know that might still come back here that my dear choir director at St Elizabeth is on a road trip by herself for a month and has a blog about it...

I might as well add that while I might not have much to say on the blog, I have been taking pictures, most recently of Theophany activities at St Elizabeth, which can be viewed on flickr...