Wednesday, August 30, 2006

meeting friends

It's already been mentioned on other blogs, but Mimi and I went down to St John the Baptist for Vasilia's baptism. It was so neat to be there, and to see Katie again and meet Job. It was nice to finally get to meet Christina and Susan in person, and Pavlos and Petros are adorable. I drove home Saturday evening, and arrived in time to have dinner with Matushka Thea and the kids. Nani was so happy to see me and ran around in circles, and then fell asleep as soon as we got home.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

now i can quit my job... :)


Dear friend,

I am the Manager of Foreign Accounts Department of Standard
Trust Bank Plc,I am writing you this letter to solicit your
support and co-operation to carry out this transaction.

We discovered an abandoned Sum of US$20 Million (Twenty Million
U.S Dollars) in an account that belongs to one of our foreign
customer who died along side his entire
family on the 4th of May,2002 in a Local Plane Crash at Kano
State,enroute Abuja (The Capital City) all occupants in
the Plane lost their lives,unfortunately on this same flight were
dignitaries like the Sports Minister and a host of others. The
following websites could be reference:

Since this development, we have advertised for his next of kin or
any close relative to come forward all to no avail. Consequently,
I and two other officials in my department have decided to look for a
trusted foreign partner who can stand in as the next of kin to the
deceased and claim this money. We need a foreign partner to apply for
the claim base on the fact that the customer was a foreigner.However,
we do not want this money to go into the bank's treasury as
fund.Every document to effect this process will emanate from my table
and I will perfect every documents to be in accordance with the banking
Rules and Regulations,so you have nothing to worry about.

We have agreed that 30% of the money will be for you,10% for expenses
incurred on the both sides; while 60% will be for me and my colleague
involve.If you are going to help,indicate by replying this letter and
putting in your full name,your banking particulars,postal address
and private telephone & fax numbers.

I await your prompt response to enable us commence this transaction
immediately.Please indicate your interest only in private mail address;

Thanks for your anticipated assistance.

Your's faithfully,

Mr. Collins Agu.

Friday, August 25, 2006

short road trip

I'm off to Portland with Mimi for Saturday. I'll drop the dog off at my priest's house, Matushka and the kids love to babysit her. I'll drive down to Olympia in the afternoon and spend the night at Mimi's, and then we'll go to Portland in the morning. We'll be at St John's in the morning for a baptism(and get to see the cute froggy!). While we're there I'll finally get to meet Christina and her mom, and cute little Pavlos. Maybe we'll get to try some of that Stumptown coffee that Katie mentioned. Afterwards we drive back to Olympia, and then I will drive home to Kitsap.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Giant Girl
I'm a little late on this, it happened in May. This is amazing, HUGE puppets on the streets in England. You don't get to see much of the elephant in this one, but it's the best video. You can see photos on flickr here, here, and here.

Monday, August 21, 2006

crazy christian zionists

I had a long post about a crazy Christian Zionist coworker ranting about the chosen people and yada yada. I copied the post, nothing happened. Darn my laptop and Microsoft. Argh! I'll try to start over. There's this rule that is a good idea to follow, don't bring up religion or politics or both together at work, at least with nutty coworkers, meaning ones who've been raised Seventh Day Adventist and are now self taught, via the internet, non-church going Christian Zionists. And, when they bring up religion and/or politics, resist the urge to talk and just run away. Run Away. Some highlights from last night's lunatic ravings... "Dawn, do you really think that God will let the Arabs' treatment of the Jews go unpunished?" (picture me staring with my mouth agape.) "Dawn, do you know who Moses was? He led the Jews out of captivity in Egypt into the PROMISED LAND. That's Israel, it was promised to the Jews, God's CHOSEN PEOPLE. Everyone else needs to get out." My reply, "So you're saying that God loves the Jews more than Arabs?" "Yes, they're God's CHOSEN PEOPLE, are you familiar with Biblical Prophecy?" She was starting to raise her voice and nothing I said was heard at all. It wasn't worth my breath, and I had a headache from all her nonsense, so I walked away. I can't believe that someone could actually call themselves a Christian and say things like this.

On a lighter note (I hope), I am going to be a Church school teacher. We haven't had Church school for the last couple of years, and now that the Ferrenbergs are moving over (God willing), we will have more children at our little parish. Matushka asked me to consider teaching the youngest group, the preschoolers. It's been decided to have choir practice on a different day, so it won't conflict. My class will be Father and Matushka's 4 year old boy, Nilus, and James and Susan's 2 boys. This morning I told Nilus that I would be his Sunday school teacher and he giggled.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

from my reading

I read this on my break at work tonight. I love Metropolitan Anthony Bloom's writings. It's beautiful and simple and immense.

"Blessed are the merciful." This journey is not a lonely one; in terms of Exodus it was the whole people of God who were launched out, side by side, as a unit; in terms of the Lord's Prayer and our vocation, it is the Church, it is mankind, it is everyone who is on this journey; and there is one thing of immense importance that we must learn, namely, mercy for our brothers who are journeying together with us. Unless we are willing to bear one another's burdens, to carry another's weight, to receive one another as Christ receives us, in mercy, there is no way across the wilderness. This journey in the scorching heat, in the thirst and hunger, in the exertion of becoming a new man, is a time of mercy, of mutual charity; otherwise none will come to the place where God's law is proclaimed , where the tables of the law are offered. Thirst for righteousness and fulfilment goes hand in hand with mercy for the companions who walk side by side through the heat and the sufferings; and this thirst and hunger imply more, now, than just absence of food. When the Jews arrive one day at the foot of Sinai, they are capable of understanding and of being; they have been tamed and have become one people with one consciousness, and with one direction, one intention. They are God's people, in motion towards the promised land. Their hearts that were darkened have become more translucent, more pure. At the foot of the mountain it will be given them, to each according to his strength and capabilities, to see something of God (because "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"), to each of them in a different way, exactly as the disciples saw Christ transfigured on Mount Tabor, according to what they could comprehend.

from Living Prayer

what's going on...

my baby sister is getting married. well, they're not engaged yet, but the wedding plans are in full swing. i'm sitting here e-mailing back and forth with my mother about bridesmaid dress patterns and listening to sun kil moon. the wedding's set for june, and the place is booked. i'll be flying down to pasadena. he has the ring, he showed it to my mom. they're all going to hawaii in september, and the rumor is that he's waiting till then to ask. kristen was so sweet, she called and asked each of her 3 sisters to be in the wedding, though she's 21(oh, not till december) and her sisters are each over 30, barely, but still. you can't turn down a sister. so she and my mother are busy planning the wedding, she and matt went to listen to bands. i'm glad i'm far away and can just get the dress made and show up. though now comes the part where my mom wants to make sure the dress will cover the tattoos on my back, which is hard because it pokes out of a t-shirt neck. we went through this when another sister got married. we had a talk on the phone recently where she told me she loved me even though i have tattoos and don't like george w (there, James), isn't that sweet? :p i'm lucky to have an awesome seamstress in the parish and am sure i will be turning to her for help.