Sunday, July 30, 2006

Helen Xenia gave me zucchini from her garden last night at Vespers. I took it home and made chocolate chip zucchini bread. Instead of wheat flour, I used four cups of Bob's Red Mill Gluten-Free Baking Mix and two cups of oat flour, and I added walnuts. The recipe made two loaf pans and a large cake pan. I brought the large cake pan for our post-Liturgy pot-luck. Somehow it seems like most of the zucchini ended up in the loaf pans and the chocolate chips sank to the bottom of the pans, but it was still yummy.

Thanks to suggestions from Liz in Bothell, and Mimi, I finally started reading the Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde. I finished The Eyre Affair in two days and am halfway through Lost in a Good Book. I just love these, they're hysterically funny.

I went to the movies. I saw the new Woody Allen comedy, Scoop. It was funny, you know, if you like Woody Allen comedies.

Most exciting, there has been a lot of work done at St Elizabeth's. The walls are painted, the cement floor is painted (covering the multi-color geckos), muslin was hung on the ceiling to cover the rafters, a platform for the altar and iconostasis was built, and icons and oil lamps were hung on the walls. You can see pictures from when we first set up to now by clicking here. Most of the hard work and time has been put in by Father Christopher and Kevin. It's such a blessing. When I arrived for vespers last night and saw the icons and oil lamps on the wall, I almost cried.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


On reading Living Prayer, by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, I ran across this tidbit and thought I'd share...

Prayer is an adveture which brings not a thrill but new responsibilities: as long as we are ignorant, nothing is asked of us, but as soon as we know anything, we are answerable for the use we make of that knowledge. It may be a gift, but we are responsible for any particle of truth we have acquired; as it becomes our own, we cannot leave it dormant but have to take it into account in our behaviour, and in this sense we are to answer for any truth we have understood.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Feast Day

Feast Day
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Today we celebrated our feast day. Mimi drove up from Olympia yesterday evening and stayed at my house, we had a lovely visit. We felt the prayers of St Elizabeth in a very real way today. It was beautiful. For links about St Elizabeth and beautiful pictures, visit the lovely Arielle's blog.<br clear="all" />

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Sailor

Our dear "sailor" died early this morning. He will be greatly missed.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

summertime blues

I am banished from work for 48 hours. The Norwalk virus has hit the place, and I went home last night with mild symptoms that could be totally unrelated. But, since I had even some of the symptoms, the state health department says that I can't return for 48 hours. Lucky me, an extra weekend off. I picked up a copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, thanks to Christina's post about it, and started reading it today. I'm feeling fine today, not feeling ill like I was last night, just weak and tired.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

happy birthday to me

some people that share my birthday:

my cousin, Kenny, who is a Jehova's Witness.
Tsar Nicholas I of Russia
50 Cent
Sylvester Stallone
Geoffrey Rush
Burt Ward
Harold Vanderbilt
Ned Beatty
Tenzin Gyatso, Dali Lama
Della Reese
Janet Leigh
Merv Griffin
Bill Haley
Nancy Reagan
John Paul Jones
George W Bush
Frida Kahlo

Some things that happened on July 6th:
1483 - Richard III is crowned king of England.
1484 - Portuguese sea captain Diogo Cão finds the mouth of Congo River.
1495 - First Italian War: Battle of Fornovo Charles VIII defeats the the Holy League, but ultimately ends his attempted conquest of Italy.
1535 - Sir Thomas More, author of Utopia and one time Lord Chancellor of England, is executed for treason by King Henry VIII after refusing to agree to Henrys' decision to separate the English church from the Roman Catholic church.
1560 - The Treaty of Edinburgh is signed by Scotland and England.
1573 - Córdoba, Argentina is founded by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera.
1908 - Robert Peary sets sail for the Arctic on the expedition on which he later reaches the North Pole.
1917 - World War I: Arabian troops led by Lawrence of Arabia and Auda ibu Tayi capture Aqaba from the Turks during the Arab Revolt.
1919 - The British dirigible R34 lands in New York, completing the first crossing of the Atlantic by an airship.
1928 - The world's ten largest hailstones fall in Potter, Nebraska.
1933 - The first Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played in Chicago's Comiskey Park. The American League defeats the National League, 4 to 2.
1939 - Holocaust: The last remaining Jewish enterprises in Germany are closed.

1942 - Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in the "Secret Annex" above her father's office in an Amsterdam warehouse.
1957 - John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles meet for the first time at the Woolton Parish Church Garden Fete, Liverpool.
1967 - Biafran War: Nigerian forces invade Biafra, beginning the war.
1974 - The radio program A Prairie Home Companion makes its first live broadcast.