Monday, March 20, 2006


The strangeness really started on Saturday. I was off of work for one day and went in to find that a good friend had been fired, for her mouth, which is not surprising. Still, it was a shock, she's been there longer than I have. Our beloved Thomas fell asleep in the Lord this morning after a long battle with cancer, may his memory be eternal. We think of him everytime we sing "Many Years" and someone always adds a loud "Hronia Polla Sas!" at the end. I went in to work this afternoon to find that a fellow nurse on my unit had been fired, also for her mouth. Again, not really a surprise, knowing her temper, but just the fact that she was fired... They were both from my unit, my shift, comrades in arms. Both people had tempers, but they cared about their work and put their patients first. My sister will be back in Washington this weekend, and will likely be coming back to work with me, but will be working the morning shift on the unit downstairs.

Please keep the newly departed servant of God, Thomas, in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

monastery pictures

One of the goats stuck his head out to say hello.

That's Sophia in front of me.

There's a lot more, I've posted them all on flickr.

Monday, March 13, 2006

back in the world

I've just returned home from the weekend at the monastery with Sophia. I actually arrived in Kitsap around 8pm, but stopped at Father and Matushka's to pick up my dog. We drank tea, talked about the monastery, and about the parish meeting about moving that happened while I was gone. I'm still processing all kinds of thoughts and emotions. It was a wonderful and blessed weekend. It snowed yesterday. I took lots of pictures of trees, the creek, the chickens, goats, and the puppy. Sometime soon I will post some pictures.

Friday, March 10, 2006

exciting news

My sister called tonight, they're moving back to Washington! My brother-in-law got the job in Seattle that he interviewed for on Monday. They only have a couple of weeks to pack up their belongings and head north from southern California. They'll be staying with his parents in Poulsbo. My sister may even end up working with me again, she's how I got my job when I moved over from Kirkland. It was two years in January since they left Washington for California. Scott starts his new job on March 27th. My mom's taking it a lot better than they thought she would. She knows they missed it here, and it's way more affordable for them to buy a home. Hopefully it won't be too long before they have a baby, and more reason for her to come and visit.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

where i been


Please forgive me, dear friends and readers, for my sins, careless words, and neglect.

I've had computer problems, the area DSL was down, and I needed someone to tell me how to reset my laptop by holding down the start button. :p Does anyone else have sore muscles from all the prostrations? Our parish mission is possibly going to sign a lease on a space in a business park. That means we'd be moving out of the Roman Catholic church we set up in for our services. There'll be a parish meeting to discuss it this Sunday. I'll be away at the monastery with Susan Sophia. The patient at work with throat cancer went home with hospice care. He was a very sweet man, and I pray he will have a painless death.