Friday, February 24, 2006

late night musings

I wonder what affects people's work ethics, their treatment of patients. I know several that care, some that don't and some that just shouldn't be there. I started reading Stages On Life's Way and was struck by the statement "every human person is of infinite value and is therefore worthy of infinite compassion." I've been pondering how that works itself out in my daily life, looking at everything and everyone around me. We had a patient transferred up to our unit from downstairs. He is known to be nasty to the staff, telling them they're stupid and they should go back to school. He's had malignant throat cancer. He's on oxygen continually, and becomes short of breath just speaking. People didn't know anything about him, but were already talking about not wanting to take care of him. Very sad, this immediate judgement. "Infinite compassion." It should be really easy for anyone to feel compassion in this place, for a man with throat cancer, so easily just fighting to breath. Why does it become a burden, just walking through that door and caring? Is it just too much for some people? Do they shut themselves off and is that how they become so routine and petty?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

cartoon me

(thanks mimi)

There's something about my busy life lately, I don't get many days just to myself. I did laundry today. I talked to my dad, it was his birthday yesterday. I forgot to mail his card, and he wasn't home when I called last night from work. I'm amazed at how much time dogs spend sleeping. I don't really watch TV, but I've gotten hooked on "Lost." It's interesting, and when it started I thought it was just a show about a plane crash. I've been catching up with the 1st season DVDs. Lazy days are nice once in a while, especially with the weather as cold as it has been. I'm looking forward to visiting the monastery in Goldendale with Susan Sophia in a little over two weeks. It'll be my first trip to a monastery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I received my first SVS Press Club shipment today. I'm mostly excited about "Stages on Life's Way: Orthodox Thinking on Bioethics" by John and Lyn Breck since I never read his other one on bioethics, but am very interested because of my work. (For some reason the SVS Press website isn't loading at the moment, so I can't link to it.)

Thanks to papa herman for his comment in the previous post, pointing me to the NPR site's live concert series with Iron and Wine and Calexico. You can download the sets as mp3's and listen to a fairly lenghthy (30 minute) interview on Real Player. The live concert series also has features with Son Volt,The Shins, Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie, Sigur Ros, Lucinda Williams and The White Stripes. I'd seen the All Songs Considered site previously, but failed to notice the concert series.

I've been listening to Seu Jorge's portugese versions of David Bowie songs for "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our choir director sent a link to this as fun.

We have a new patient at work. She's from Oregon. She was up visiting her son, fell out of bed and after tests at the hospital it turned out she had a stroke in her spine. She's lost the function of her legs. She developed bed sores on her heels at the previous facility. Now we've got her using an electric wheelchair and will do some medication training to see if she is a candidate for assisted living or a group home. She's a very sweet lady. I try to go in every night and lotion her feet, and she loves it.

It's so cold here, 29 degrees when I was coming home from work. Last week I heard the frogs croaking, now it's quiet. My fingers hurt from the cold. Must go find my mittens.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

question of the day

from my patient, the sailor:

"What are bank robbers making now days?"

fun with computers

I'm a little late on the bandwagon, but now that I've got a laptop and DSL I downloaded itunes and started importing my CDs into my itunes library. Listening to the shins at the moment, and enjoying their happy tunes. Just what I needed, another way to listen to music and play on the computer.

Monday, February 13, 2006

too much to say

I had a wonderful visit over the weekend with James, Susan and family. Susan even posted some pictures. The weather stayed beautiful just through their visit, and it was pouring rain when I went to work this afternoon. I enjoyed the whole weekend, and was especially tickled at seeing the kids make friends with Father and Matushka's children, who are the same ages. It's fun to drive around and look at things with visitors and pretend to be a tourist, make jokes about the Poulsbo traffic and "rush hour". It's also neat to have friends visit my beloved mission parish, and Kelsey even sang in the choir.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm finally getting some things done that I've been neglecting for a while.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

St Brigid of Ireland

On the feast day of St Brigid(Bridget) of Ireland~

The Giveaway
(Phyllis McGintley, 1957)

Saint Bridget was
A problem child.
Although a lass
Demure and mild,
And one who strove
To please her dad,
Saint Bridget drove
The family mad.
For here's the fault in Bridget lay:
She WOULD give everything away.

To any soul
Whose luck was out
She'd give her bowl
Of stirabout;
She'd give her shawl,
Divide her purse
With one or all.
And what was worse,
When she ran out of things to give
She'd borrow from a relative.

Her father's gold,
Her grandsire's dinner,
She'd hand to cold
and hungry sinner;
Give wine, give meat,
No matter whose;
Take from her feet
The very shoes,
And when her shoes had gone to others,
Fetch forth her sister's and her mother's.

She could not quit.
She had to share;
Gave bit by bit
The silverware,
The barnyard geese,
The parlor rug,
Her little
niece-'s christening mug,
Even her bed to those in want,
And then the mattress of her aunt.

An easy touch
For poor and lowly,
She gave so much
And grew so holy
That when she died
Of years and fame,
The countryside
Put on her name,
And still the Isles of Erin fidget
With generous girls named Bride or Bridget.

Well, one must love her.
In thinking of her
There's no denial
She must have been
A sort of trial
Unto her kin.
The moral, too, seems rather quaint.
WHO had the patience of a saint,
From evidence presented here?
Saint Bridget? Or her near and dear?

For life of St Brigid, click here.

Venerable Saint Brigid, pray to God for us!

babsitting story

I spent the whole day yesterday babysitting for Fr and Matushka. I went over at 9:30 am to watch the 4 yr old, and then was there for when the 2 older children came home from school and put them to bed at night. At one point early in the day, Nilus decided we were going to "bless" the house. He used a spoon as a hand cross and had me follow him while he sang the Theophany tropar. At the end he had me bow and he pretended to sprinkle my head with holy water. I asked him if he is going to be a priest when he grows up. He said, "I'm going to be an engineer, an engineer with a mustache and a beard, and I'm going to be a priest."