Monday, July 25, 2005

You Are a Soy Latte

At your best, you are: free spirited, down to earth, and relaxed

At your worst, you are: dogmatic and picky

You drink coffee when: you need a pick me up, and green tea isn't cutting it

Your caffeine addiction level: medium

Thanks to Bryan Peter and Mimi.

Friday, July 22, 2005

odds and ends:

quotable Harry Potter: (from the newest book of course)
"But do you think you're right?" said Harry.
"Naturally I do, but as I have already proven to you, I make mistakes like the next man. In fact, being - forgive me - rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes tend to be correspondingly huger." (Dumbledore)

(I don't know that this is generally true, but I liked how he said it.)

After thinking that I had nothing to say lately, I find myself with a lot to say.

We had a discussion about fantasy books and movies at work tonight. I have a friend who's never read, or even heard of(!) The Chronicles of Narnia. She says she loves fantasy, and tales of knights, so of course I told her I'll bring her mine to read. She's just finished HP, and needs something new. :)

July now tends to get me thinking about the past. It was in July two years ago that I first made the leap to ask questions about Orthodoxy. Leaving behind the protestant circles I had been raised in, it was difficult for my mom. Though really, I hadn't been involved in any kind of church for about three years. Time is a strange thing. I would never have imagined this.

We celebrated "The Sailor's" birthday at work, 89 years old! The day before he said, "I have news for you, tomorrow is my 89th birthday." I told him that it wasn't news for me, that I already knew. :) The day of his birthday he had lobster, boiled potatoes, tomato and avacado salad and red wine for lunch, and the left overs for dinner. Along with chocolate cake, and fresh raspberries and real whipped cream. The cool thing about the place I work at, when a patient's birthday comes up, they fix them whatever they want for lunch. His wife was there and fed him. It was so sweet to see his wife of 56 years sitting next to him feeding him. He's been haming it up lately, being silly on purpose. Myself and a co-worker were in his room while he was lying in bed, she stepped out and he yelled, "Get back here and let me work on your vocabulary!" Later on he asked me, "Is today 'today', or is it tomorrow?" I replied that today is always today, and then he asked, "Which 'today' is today?"

I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Tim Burton is a genius, and Johnny Depp. I loved it. It is one of my favorite books from childhood. Yes, it was a book. This movie was based on the book, not a remake of the Gene Wilder movie of the wrong name. Though I enjoy that version too. This one is just so much more Roald Dahl-ish. The only complaint I have is the Oompa Loompa musical sequences, the music itself just didn't do much for me, I expect more from Danny Elfman. Otherwise, wonderful. I like what they added to the story, I think it worked well. It was amazing to see that chocolate palace on the big screen. My favorite line, "You're all short, aren't you?" There were a few movie trailers I was excited about, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (I can't help it, I love stop motion), Wallace and Grommit in The Curse of the Wererabbit(uh, stop motion/claymation again). Um, and the penguin movie. I wnat to see that.

a little update: how could i have forgotten? I had my last doctor's appt for my wrist on wednesday! yes, that's right! The x-ray showed that it is completely healed, no more break. what a long time. i'm left handed again. woo hoo.

Glory to God!

Our priest's family is on vacation in New York visiting family. This week he has been at the OCA All-American Council. I had to call Matushka T for a question, and got to talk to all the kids. The 3 yr old boy has been asking all week, "When are we going to our own home?" So he said hello to me and chatted a little, we're great friends. :) His mom got back on the phone, and we could hear him behind her saying, "When we go home, I'm not playing with Dawn because..." he was struggling to think of a reason, "because, because...she punches me!" Matushka and I were laughing REALLY hard, as you can imagine. Poor N, he doesn't want to miss home more than he already does. Two more weeks to go.

The following is taken from the OCA website.

I took Saint Mary Magdalene as my saint when I was chrismated in the Orthodox Church, not yet two years ago. (It'll be two years in November).

Holy Myrrhbearer and Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene
Commemorated on July 22
The Holy Myrrh-Bearer Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene. On the banks of Lake Genesareth (Galilee), between the cities of Capharnum and Tiberias, was the small city of Magdala, the remains of which have survived to our day. Now only the small village of Mejhdel stands on the site.

A woman whose name has entered forever into the Gospel account was born and grew up in Magdala. The Gospel tells us nothing of Mary's younger years, but Tradition informs us that Mary of Magdala was young and pretty, and led a sinful life. It says in the Gospels that the Lord expelled seven devils from Mary (Lk. 8:2). From the moment of her healing Mary led a new life, and became a true disciple of the Savior.

The Gospel relates that Mary followed after the Lord, when He went with the Apostles through the cities and villages of Judea and Galilee preaching about the Kingdom of God. Together with the pious women Joanna, wife of Choza (steward of Herod), Susanna and others, she served Him from her own possessions (Lk 8:1-3) and undoubtedly shared with the Apostles the evangelic tasks in common with the other women. The Evangelist Luke, evidently, has her in view together with the other women, stating that at the moment of the Procession of Christ onto Golgotha, when after the Scourging He took on Himself the heavy Cross, collapsing under its weight, the women followed after Him weeping and wailing, but He consoled them. The Gospel relates that Mary Magdalene was present on Golgotha at the moment of the Lord's Crucifixion. While all the disciples of the Savior ran away, she remained fearlessly at the Cross together with the Mother of God and the Apostle John.

The Evangelists also list among those standing at the Cross the mother of the Apostle James, and Salome, and other women followers of the Lord from Galilee, but all mention Mary Magdalene first. St. John, in addition to the Mother of God, names only her and Mary Cleopas. This indicates how much she stood out from all the women who gathered around the Lord.

She was faithful to Him not only in the days of His Glory, but also at the moment of His extreme humiliation and insult. As the Evangelist Matthew relates, she was present at the Burial of the Lord. Before her eyes Joseph and Nicodemus went out to the tomb with His lifeless Body. She watched as they covered over the entrance to the cave with a large stone, entombing the Source of Life.

Faithful to the Law in which she was raised, Mary together with the other women spent following day at rest, because it was the great day of the Sabbath, coinciding with the Feast of Passover. But all the rest of the peaceful day the women gathered spices to go to the Grave of the Lord at dawn on Sunday and anoint His Body according to the custom of the Jews.

It is necessary to mention that, having agreed to go on the first day of the week to the Tomb early in the morning, the holy women had no possibility of meeting with one another on Saturday. They went separately on Friday evening to their own homes. They went out only at dawn the following day to go to the Sepulchre, not all together, but each from her own house.

The Evangelist Matthew writes that the women came to the grave at dawn, or as the Evangelist Mark expresses, extremely early before the rising of the sun. The Evangelist John, elaborating upon these, says that Mary came to the grave so early that it was still dark. Obviously, she waited impatiently for the end of night, but it was not yet daybreak. She ran to the place where the Lord's Body lay.

Mary went to the tomb alone. Seeing the stone pushed away from the cave, she ran away in fear to tell the close Apostles of Christ, Peter and John. Hearing the strange message that the Lord was gone from the tomb, both Apostles ran to the tomb and, seeing the shroud and winding cloths, they were amazed. The Apostles went and said nothing to anyone, but Mary stood about the entrance to the tomb and wept. Here in this dark tomb so recently lay her lifeless Lord.

Wanting proof that the tomb really was empty, she went down to it and saw a strange sight. She saw two angels in white garments, one sitting at the head, the other at the foot, where the Body of Jesus had been placed. They asked her, "Woman, why weepest thou?" She answered them with the words which she had said to the Apostles, "They have taken my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him." At that moment, she turned around and saw the Risen Jesus standing near the grave, but she did not recognize Him.

He asked Mary, "Woman, why weepest thou? Whom dost thou seek?" She answered thinking that she was seeing the gardener, "Sir, if thou hast taken him, tell where thou hast put Him, and I will take Him away."

Then she recognized the Lord's voice. This was the voice she heard in those days and years, when she followed the Lord through all the cities and places where He preached. He spoke her name, and she gave a joyful shout, "Rabbi" (Teacher).

Respect and love, fondness and deep veneration, a feeling of thankfulness and recognition at His Splendor as great Teacher, all came together in this single outcry. She was able to say nothing more and she threw herself down at the feet of her Teacher to wash them with tears of joy. But the Lord said to her: "Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and tell them: "I ascend to My Father, and your Father; to My God and to your God."

She came to herself and again ran to the Apostles, to do the will of Him sending her to preach. Again she ran into the house, where the Apostles still remained in dismay, and proclaimed to them the joyous message, "I have seen the Lord!" This was the first preaching in the world about the Resurrection.

The Apostles proclaimed the Glad Tidings to the world, but she proclaimed it to the Apostles themselves.

Holy Scripture does not tell us about the life of Mary Magdalene after the Resurrection of Christ, but it is impossible to doubt, that if in the terrifying minutes of Christ's Crucifixion she was the foot of His Cross with His All-Pure Mother and St. John, she must have stayed with them during the happier time after the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ. Thus in the Acts of the Apostles St. Luke writes that all the Apostles with one mind stayed in prayer and supplication, with certain women and Mary the Mother of Jesus and His brethren.

Holy Tradition testifies that when the Apostles departed from Jerusalem to preach to all the ends of the earth, then Mary Magdalene also went with them. A daring woman, whose heart was full of reminiscence of the Resurrection, she went beyond her native borders and went to preach in pagan Rome. Everywhere she proclaimed to people about Christ and His teaching. When many did not believe that Christ is risen, she repeated to them what she had said to the Apostles on the radiant morning of the Resurrection: "I have seen the Lord!" With this message she went all over Italy.

Tradition relates that in Italy Mary Magdalene visited Emperor Tiberias (14-37 A.D.) and proclaimed to him Christ's Resurrection. According to Tradition, she took him a red egg as a symbol of the Resurrection, a symbol of new life with the words: "Christ is Risen!" Then she told the emperor that in his Province of Judea the unjustly condemned Jesus the Galilean, a holy man, a miracleworker, powerful before God and all mankind, had been executed at the instigation of the Jewish High Priests, and the sentence confirmed by the procurator appointed by Tiberias, Pontius Pilate.

Mary repeated the words of the Apostles, that we are redeemed from the vanity of life is not with perishable silver or gold, but rather by the precious Blood of Christ.

Thanks to Mary Magdalene the custom to give each other paschal eggs on the day of the Radiant Resurrection of Christ spread among Christians over all the world. On one ancient Greek manuscript, written on parchment, kept in the monastery library of St. Athanasius near Thessalonica, is a prayer read on the day of Holy Pascha for the blessing of eggs and cheese. In it is indicated that the igumen in passing out the blessed eggs says to the brethren: "Thus have we received from the holy Fathers, who preserved this custom from the very time of the holy Apostles, therefore the holy Equal of the Apostles Mary Magdalene first showed believers the example of this joyful offering."

Mary Magdalene continued her preaching in Italy and in the city of Rome itself. Evidently, the Apostle Paul has her in mind in his Epistle to the Romans (16: 6), where together with other ascetics of evangelic preaching he mentions Mary (Mariam), who as he expresses "has bestowed much labor on us." Evidently, she extensively served the Church in its means of subsistence and its difficulties, being exposed to dangers, and sharing with the Apostles the labors of preaching.

According to Church Tradition, she remained in Rome until the arrival of the Apostle Paul, and for two more years following his departure from Rome after the first court judgment upon him. From Rome, St. Mary Magdalene, already bent with age, moved to Ephesus where the holy Apostle John unceasingly labored. There the saint finished her earthly life and was buried.

Her holy relics were transferred in the ninth century to Constantinople, and placed in the monastery Church of St. Lazarus. In the era of the Crusader campaigns they were transferred to Italy and placed at Rome under the altar of the Lateran Cathedral. Part of the relics of Mary Magdalene are said to be in Provage, France near Marseilles, where over them at the foot of a steep mountain a splendid church is erected in her honor.

The Orthodox Church honors the holy memory of St. Mary Magdalene, the woman called by the Lord Himself from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God.

Formerly immersed in sin and having received healing, she sincerely and irrevocably began a new life and never wavered from that path. Mary loved the Lord Who called her to a new life. She was faithful to Him not only when He was surrounded by enthusiastic crowds and winning recognition as a miracle-worker, but also when all the disciples deserted Him in fear and He, humiliated and crucified, hung in torment upon the Cross. This is why the Lord, knowing her faithfulness, appeared to her first, and esteemed her worthy to be first to proclaim His Resurrection.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

We've actually gotten a couple days of warm weather. Father Christopher is away at the All-American council, and we had a reader's service on Sunday. I think it went well, considering our choir director was also absent. We'll have Father Daniel from Holy Resurrection(Tacoma) this Sunday, and the next will be Father Michael Dunbar from St Andrew's(Arlington).
I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I loved it. Anyone else read it? I know Mimi has. Someone at work told me they read the last chapter first. Crazy.
I have to start packing. Moving to Bainbridge Island at the end of August.

a Gryffindor!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I was reading Metropolitan Anthony Bloom's sermon on The Mother of God at work today, during my dinner break. Our priest had printed it in the July/August bulletin. Here are a few excerpts from it that spoke directly to me, in things I've been dealing with recently.
"She is the one who above and beyond all creatures has believed- believed in the sense of trusting the Lord, unreservedly and unconditionally. We do not often think of what the words of the archangel at the Annunciation spelt. The archangel told the Virgin that she will bear a child, and we wonder, we marvel, at the name of this child Jesus who is our saviour; but at that moment the promise was also a threat. According to the law of the Old Testament an unmarried girl who bore a child was condemned to stoning. She did not say, 'But this cannot be, it will cost me my life.' She did not either say 'it cannot be' because she believed that every word of God can be fulfilled, every promise of His. She said, 'Here am I, the handmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to His will.' And His will was, humanly speaking, her death, unless a miracle occurred. We must learn something from this, because so often we are afraid of a promise or a prompting from God. What is the cost which we shall have to pay? What is the risk entailed in obeying and following the commandment of God or the call? ...She trusted God because His word was truth, and we must learn if we want to belong to that new creation of which she was the first, if we want to be of the race of the Mother of God, if we want to be God's own people through whom God is present in the world, we must learn to trust, to believe, to be as faithful as she promised to be...It is not enough for us to believe more or less, we must establish for others that situation which is the Kingdom of God and in which things may happen to them and for them...Our vocation is to be sent as a light into the darkness, with our divine hope where there is no hope; like salt where there is corruption. Our place as Christians is not in the safety of our Christian communities, but in the storm that must be stilled; at the heart of corruption that must be stopped; at the point of hopelessness where we must bring a hope which is beyond all human hope. Light that shines in the darkness, that is our vocation."

Glory to God!

What she said: I went to Holy Resurrction on Saturday, for the Divine Liturgy in Slavonic. At Michelle's suggestion. My priest was serving, since Fr John was away. I got to meet Michelle and have lunch. That was wonderful! Yay! :) Awfully fun. Thanks! Plus it was my first Liturgy totally in Slavonic.
Also, Thank you to Olympiada for her post on Sunday of All Saints of Russia. She posted beautful sermon notes.
one weeknext Wednesday I go back to the orthopod about my wrist, should be done at that time, it'll be six weeks since the break. I may have some exercises to do. I started writing with it again yesterday, which is still awkward with the splint on. I'm definitely ambidextrise(?) now. :)

Monday, July 11, 2005


read this last night:
The Latin term persona as well as the Greek prosopon origionally meant a "mask", as was used in the ancient theater. This term, in itself, contains a profound philosophy of the human person. It teaches that no autonomous human order can exist, since to exist is to paricipate in "being or nothingness." Through participation, the human being actuates either the icon of God or the grimace of a demon aping God. Man is more than a mere countenance, some merely human face. In the Incarnation, God is no longer God only; He is the God-man. But this fact cuts in both directions; man too is no longer "only man," but either a theandric or a demonic being. St Gregory of Nyssa states succinctly that "Humanity is composed of humans with the faces of angels and humans bearing the mask of the beast."
The heart which contains the "theological riddle," the relationship between person and nature-in short, the complex named "man"-leads to this central concept in anthropology: "In the image and likeness of God."

Paul Evdokimov: Woman and the Salvation of the World

Thursday, July 07, 2005


A week from Saturday you will find me visiting my friends at Hogwart's. I reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the nth time, it still makes me cry. I'm going tomorrow to reserve my copy. The local Barnes and Noble will have a release party, complete with John Granger present. He has written two books, The Hidden Key To Harry Potter, and Looking For God In Harry Potter. I knew from my priest that he's an old-calendar Greek Orthodox Christian, but it turns out he lives in Port Townsend.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


jenny Posted by Picasa

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My good friend Jenny came by my house tonight. Brought me these flowers and the kettle, for my birthday. She stayed at my house and took care of my dog last time I was in California. She drove 2 hours to the airport in Seattle to get me in the middle of the night, I was flying standby, got stuck in San Francisco for 8 hours, and by the time I got home there were no more shuttles to Kitsap county. We got back to my house at 3 am. We go thrift store shopping together. She works with me. We have a lot of fun together at work, being silly, talking to each other in rhymes, or like pirates. She's getting married at the end of this month and moving to Tacoma, she'll go to nursing school out there. She's got lots of stories to tell. She goes to a Calvary Chapel. She came with me to the Holy Saturday matins, the one that is Friday evening, with the procession. I heard the knock at the door tonight and thought it was my crazy neighbors. Thank God for friends.
Posted more pictures, including lots of boats, here.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Spent Sunday evening on my friends' sailboat. Went to Liberty Bay in Poulsbo to watch the traditional 3rd of July "Fireworks over the fjord". There was an INSANE amount of boats packed into the little bay. It was awesome. I took TONS of pictures, but don't have time to post them right now. I have to get ready for work, and prepare for the mission's feast day tomorrow.

Friday, July 01, 2005

St Elizabeth

"The Lord found that it was time for us to carry His cross, let us strive to be worthy of that joy. I thought that, being so weak, we had not grown up enough to carry a heavy cross."

"How many examples of such sorrow there are among the holy fathers and in holy convents. Prepare for the joy of being together again, we will be patient, humble. Let us not murmur, let us be thankful for everything."

Here is a snapshot of my icon of our much beloved saint, in my icon corner at home. She is the Venerable New Martyr and Grand Duchess (of Moscow) Elizabeth. The patron saint of our mission. She intercedes for us in prayer before Christ. We will celebrate her feast day Tuesday.Find more on her life here. She built the women's monastery named for Saints Martha and Mary, and there was a hospital on the grounds and the sisters were nurses. I am a nurse, and the nursing home I work at is Lutheran, and named Martha and Mary. She was English and German, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She married Grand Duke Sergei. She later converted to Orthodoxy. Her younger sister, Alexandra married Nicholas II, later to become the last Tsar of Russia. When her husband was killed by a bomb, she shunned her riches and society and was tonsured as a nun. She built the monastery, hospital and ministered to the poor of Moscow. She, and several others were martyred, thrown into an abandoned mine shaft, then grenades were thrown in. She, and her fellow nun, Saint Barbara, were singing. She tore her clothing to bandage the wounds of others with her. Words describing the event from one of the murderers can be read here. Read the last two letters of St Elizabeth to her spiritual children here.
Her relics are housed in the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem, which I believe she helped to build. There is a convent there, the website has a small picture of her relics. My patron saint is Mary Magdalene. Last year another blogger sent me a medallion of St Mary Magdalene from the convent.

Troparion, in the 5th tone

O God-wise Elizabeth, with humility
thou didst hide thy nobility and
honor Christ especially by imitating
the labors of Martha and Mary.
As a sacrifice to God, thou didst arm
thyself with works of mercy,
patience, and love.
Seeing thy life of good works and
suffering, we sincerly beseech thee,
our true teacher.
O Venerable Martyr, Grand
Duchess Elizabeth, entreat Christ
our God to enlighten and save our

Kontakion, in the 2nd tone

Who can tell of thy great acts of
faith, O long suffering Grand
Duchess Elizabeth, while enduring
death in the depths of the earth, thou
didst radiate the brightness of
Rejoicing in psalms and hymns, thou
didst pray with the angels for thy
torturers, "O Lord forgive them for
they know not what they do."
O Christ our God, through her
prayers, have mercy, and save our

Thanks to Mimi, I found the new photo feature on blogger, yay!

prayer request

A dear old friend of mine is in need of prayer. Her grandmother passed away this week, then her grandfather Thursday morning. Not only that, her father has been battling cancer, and it has now spread to three parts of his brain. He is hospitalized due to the swelling in his brain, and has been given 3 months to live. Her name is Tiffany, her parents are Doyle and Bonnnie.