Wednesday, June 29, 2005

just sitting here

I have to remind myself I should be doing something, but not this. I forgot that I'll be leaving the house early, there will be liturgy for thr Synaxis of the 12 Apostles. I'm still singing in the choir, and one person is on vacation, and one moved to Oregon. The sun makes me dingy. I spent the afternoon at the Poulsbo waterfront park with the dog. I watched the sailboats. I brought along a book, but didn't read. A nurse practioner came by work last week and saw that I was reading On the Incarnation, she asked about it. I think I'll give it to her when I'm done. Dirty dishes are calling to me...

Monday, June 27, 2005


cemetery Posted by Hello
I took this after coffee hour yesterday, a few more here.
I went to the doctor two days early. After removing the cast and x-rays of my wrist, they said everything's healing well. I have a removable splint, have to be just as careful for the next 3 weeks, but at least I can wash it!

Friday, June 24, 2005

The Library Is My Friend

I love the library, the Poulsbo branch is right up the street from my work. I use the website to place holds on stuff. I'm just finishing up The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. I also checked out Harbors and High Seas:An Atlas and Geographical Guide to the Aubrey-Maturin Novels of Patrick O'Brian by Dean King, and Jack Aubrey Commands: An Historical Companion To The Naval World of Patrick O'Brian by Brian Lavery, as well as Loretta Lynn's last album, Van Lear Rose, the Russian movie The Thief, and finally, Alias:The Complete First Season.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Man in black

I saw him. No, not Johnny Cash, though I love his music. The other man in black, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader. I saw Batman Begins. I liked this rendering of the comic book hero the best. Which is saying a lot, since I am a Tim Burton fan. The mix here just works. It's real, it's dark, it brings Bruce Wayne/Batman to life. Christian Bale does it, and Michael Caine as Alfred. The whole cast was awesome. Gotham is superb, they took inspiration from Blade Runner. The cool thing about Batman is that, apart from being a billionaire, he's a regular guy. No alien powers, no freak accidents. Just a guy with issues who does a lot of push ups and studies martial arts. Oh, and buys cool gadgets. Nothing like a blockbuster movie in the summertime.

Monday, June 20, 2005

which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?

It's pretty much the funniest movie ever...(besides The Holy Grail of course)
You are Deb and you could drink whole milk if you

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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what kind of 60's person are you?

You are a Mod. Yeah baby.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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Friday, June 17, 2005

a word from the desert

The following was sent to our parish e-mail list. I found it very beautiful.

Subject: [metanoia] a word from the desert

When a sailor travels across the sea, he watches the stars and by them he steers his ship, using them to direct him to harbor.

But a monk watches prayer because it sets him on the right course, directing him to that harbor towards which his way of life should lead.

A monk gazes at prayer at all times so that it may show him some island where he can moor his ship without fear, and then take on provisions. Then, once again he will set his course to another island.

Such is the voyage of the solitary while he is in this life. He sails from island to island, that is, from knowledge to knowledge, and by his successive change of islands, that is, of states of knowledge, he progresses until he emerges from the sea and his journey terminates at that true city whose inhabitants no longer engage in commerce, but where each one rests upon his riches.

Blessed is he whose voyage has not been put off course on this great sea! Blessed is he whose ship has not broken up, and who has reached the harbor with joy!

St. Isaac of Nineveh, 7th century


I read this here last summer.

More than anything, guard yourselves against conflict, forgive each other when you are insulted. Remember: he who quarrels consoles the devil; he who makes peace gladdens Christ; he who makes peace among others helps Christ and will be accepted into the Heavenly Kingdom as a Son of God (Mtt 5:9).
Saint John the Wonderworker

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I've been thinking about my mom lately, she's out of the country. She sent me a card before she left, wishing she could have her 31 year old baby home to take care of her injury. :)I was never close to my mother while I was growing up. I was quiet and shy, and frightened a lot. I don't know why. She was always much closer with my sister, who is way different than me. My parents divorced when I was in kindergarten. I don't remember being upset about it, my dad was an alcoholic. I told myself it was better to have a single mother than the fighting. I'm going to ask her about this when she gets home from her trip. She remarried when I was 10 years old, or sometime around then (and they're still happily married). Things got better between us in my twenties. Most of the healing of our relationship happened during and after my divorce. I could see that she had been trying to save me, and I was drowning. Abusive people will make you distrust everyone else, and keep you secluded, physically oe emotionally. Somehow I had let this person I trusted imprison me, and tell me lies about my family and God. So it was when my eyes were finally opened and I could see things clearly, and got away from him, that the healing began. It was a long process. Then when I began my search for my faith, it brought a new aspect to the healing. With her life-long strong protestant faith, my mother had many reservations about my chosen path. It was when she said she could see a real change that she felt at ease, that and when a close friend and pastor told her that "the Orthodox are really into the Word!" :)
Anyways, I thank God that He healed our relationship. I'm missing her right now. Also because I go to visit every year for our birthdays in July, and had to cancel my trip after I used up all my PTO with the broken arm. Maybe they'll come to Washington for a visit.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

tag - you're it

"You are hereby tagged. Answer the following questions on your blog as I did here."
1. Total Number of Books I've Owned:

I have no idea other than A LOT. I get rid of some and get more. I'm a book junkee.

2. Last Book I Bought:

Desolation Island-Patrick O'Brian

3. Last Book I Read:

Time For The Stars- Robert Heinlein
also reading:
Desolation Island- Patrick O'Brian

On The Incarnation- St Athanasius

The Holy Fire- Robert Payne

4. Five Books That Mean A Lot To Me:

1. The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings- J.R.R. Tolkien
I first read these when I was in the third grade.

2.C.S. Lewis, especially The Chronicles of Narnia,The Problem of Pain & Mere Christianity
3. The Orthodox Church- Bishop Kallistos Ware
4. Facing East- Frederica Mathewes-Green
5.St Seraphim of Sarov:A Spiritual Biography- Archimandrite Lazarus Moore
and Everybody Poops & The Gas We Pass.* No, but really i forgot a couple. I know something will be forgotten, and I'm really bad at making lists. I would add 2 by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, God and Man, and Beginning To Pray, also For the Life of the World by Father Alexander Schmemann, and Letters to a Beginner by Abbess Thaisia, and might as well add The Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. *

5. People I Will Infect With This Meme:

Herman, Mimi, Xenia Kathryn, & John

Monday, June 13, 2005


I'm frustrated with being basically one-armed. I'm tired. I only just scraped through work, with help from another nurse and several aids to get things done. AND after having tomorrow off I'll be working four days in a row. I'm overwhelmed. My arm started hurting again. So here I am pouring out these words, feeling sorry for my self. I know it could be worse. This was the hardest day I've had, up until now I was injured, and getting used to it. Now I'm stuck with it, and impatient. I'm too independant, and too impatient. I will feel better after some sleep. I'm going out for lunch and a movie with a good friend. Indian food and Mr and Mrs Smith. I found out this morning that since someone is moving to Eugene, I'm going to be on the mission council. I'm sorry to see this person leave, but it's for a full time job in her actual profession, and will be near her son and his family. Still, I'm sorry. She's nice, and lives 2 miles from me. I received an e-mail from my mom and step-dad from Norway. They visited the church that my great-great grandparents attended. It's strange to have roots like that, this is a first. Must go to bed.

Friday, June 10, 2005

a first for me

i attended a hierarchal liturgy this morning, at st spiridon's in seattle. i made the trek across the water with my priest and a friend from the mission. taking into account the drive time, trying to get the ferry, and traffic, etc, i had 4 hours of sleep. last night was my first shift at work since last wednesday. i was excited to visit the parish, since so many people at the mission came from there. and i LOVE old buildings. i love architecture. i used to sit and draw floor plans and buildings in jr high. part of this comes from my mother and step-father being realtors. part. i love cities like seattle and san francisco because i grew up in southern california. downtown la is nothing beautiful. so i get excited when i go to seattle, it's not too often. downtown bremerton is more depressing. a lot of poverty in the navy town. ok. i was also excited because i hadn't yet been to a hierarchal liturgy, and someone was being ordained to the deaconate(tomorrow to the priesthood). i love bishop benjamin. he visited our mission last june. i was nervous. but he's very kind, warm and personable. the mission had vespers and a dinner. i talked to him, father christopher had told him that i had attended a foursquare bible college. his dad attended angelus temple, the foursquare church in the heart of la, and where the college was located up until a couple of years before i attended, in san dimas. we talked about aimee semple macpherson, she was quite scandalous for her time. we talked about his cats, he loves his cats. this morning was beautiful. the church is beautiful, and all the icons. the prayers for the ordination, i don't remeber exactly, but there was something about the angelic order or angels (does anybody know?). after the service was over he spoke about the deaconate. to paraphrase, he said that before christianity existed, in ancient greece deacon was the term used for a waiter. to call your server, such as garson. to be a deacon means to serve, first God, and at the altar, and then the people. love God, love the people. if you do those two things first, everything else should follow. it was very moving. afterwards we went to lunch with the priest and two ladies from the kirkland mission. we brought father christopher to uwajimaya. (he's from new york)he went to put something in the car, and when he came back in an older lady was sitting in the food court and looked at him and proclaimed(hunched over, with a squinty eye, and a pirate-like voice), "only in america!" he looked at her and said "yes?", and she said "only in america can you see a russian orthodox priest in an asian grocery store!" LOL
(and while still in uwajimaya someone came up who is a parishioner at st paul's, and then we saw the two ladies from the kirkland mission that we lunched with)

the sailor

an explanation in the previous posts comments, but i'll put it here:
(btw i've graduated to hunt and peck with two hands, woo hoo. only two and a half more weeks with the cast, then i get a removable splint. oh joy!)

the sailor is a patient of mine at work. he was in the coast guard, among other things, and he and his wife owned many sailboats. we talk about sailing, there are many times when he thinks he's still in the military or on a boat. so i call him the sailor. he wanted me to find him a bosun's mate once. he is very funny. he started talking about his "fanclub". i just relay the funny things he says. :) some are a little too lewd for me to repeat.
so i've posted some of the especially memorable "sailorisms" frequently.

some of the funny things he said in the past:
(this is a repeat for the fanclub, you know who you are...)
the fanclub first came up when he was sitting in hus usual spot in front of the nurses' station, and a nurse was sitting there on the phone with a doctor, and he shouted "don't interrupt my fanclub!"
one day he shouted "stand clear or it'll explode!" spaking of his wheelchair
another time he was looking at me and gesturing and saying, "Bob", so i asked, "do i look like a bob?" he said, "better than a banana!" :)
new stuff...his wife was very happy to see me back at work yesterday, and she left a card addressed to "dawn/lovejoy/bob/etc.etc."
he got a big smile on his face when he saw me and said, "it's you". apparently it was his idea to call me, and he remembered that he did, and remembered my correct name, and asked to see my wrist.
i went to pick up my paycheck today and stopped in to say hello, and asked him how he was. he said, "weak but readable."
last night at dinner he was talking to the other nurse, now calling her "madam engineer", and saying he wanted to meet a rich young lady, and that the best way for him to meet a lady would be to sell subscriptions to "The Lady's Home Journal" door to door because it is a quality magazine and women like it. :)uh, he also told her that i was "hot for his body". :P ROTFL
a couple weeks back he was calling me "maxine". one day he was telling me about maxine, said "she's a charming girl", then when i got close enough for him to see me i asked where is she, and he said"right in front of me". the next day he was calling someone else maxine, and i said that i thought i was maxine, and he said, "you're the keeper of the maxines."

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Ascension of our Lord

Troparion - Tone 4

O Christ God, You have ascended in Glory,
Granting joy to Your disciples by the promise of the Holy Spirit.
Through the blessing they were assured
That You are the Son of God,
The Redeemer of the world!

Kontakion - Tone 6

When You did fulfill the dispensation for our sake,
And unite earth to Heaven:
You did ascend in glory, O Christ our God,
Not being parted from those who love You,
But remaining with them and crying:
I am with you and no one will be against you!

As I stood with the choir last night singing, I felt how beautiful these words are. Ascended in Glory, the redeemer of the world! "You did fulfill the dispensation", "and unite earth to Heaven".

The Reading from the Prophecy of Isaiah (62:10-63:3, 7-9)
(All-night Vigil, Vespers)

Thus saith the Lord: Go through and enter My gates; prepare My way and make a way for My people. Cast the stones out of the way; lift up an ensign for the nations. For behold, the Lord has made it to be heard even to the ends of the earth, Say to the daughter of Zion, Behold, your Savior comes, having his reward with him, and his work before him. And they shall call them, The Holy People, The Redeemed of the Lord. And you shall be called, A City Sought Out, and Not Forsaken.

Who is that comes from Edom, his garment red, from Bosrah? Beautiful in his apparel, he cried out with great strength, I speak of righteousness and a judgment of salvation! Why are your garments red, and your apparel like his that treads in the winepress? I have trodden the winepress alone, and from the nations no one was with me.

I remember the mercy of the Lord, the virtues of the Lord according to all that He has granted us. The Lord is a good judge to the House of Israel; He deals with us according to His mercies, and according to the abundance of His righteousness.

And He said, Is it not My people? Children that will not be rejected? And He became to them salvation out of all their afflications. Not a mediator, nor an angel, but the Lord Himself saved them, because He loved them and spared them; He Himself redeemed them and accepted them, and lifted them up all the days of the age.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

red left arm

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i can't help singing the nick cave song, red right hand.

there was talk from the administration that i may not be able to go back to work. the hard cast was put on yesterday, and since my fingers are still very swollen, i'll take a couple more days off. i talked to the director of nursing and i'll be going back to work on thursday. that came as a relief, though i was surprisingly not worried about it. i knew that whatever happens is in God's control. one of the girls called me from work, and said there was someone there that wanted to talk to me. they put the sailor on the phone! once he figured out it was "lovejoy" he was talking to, he wanted to know "how did you manage to break your wrist?"

Saturday, June 04, 2005

good friends

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My friend Erica came over to hekp me run some errands, and brought her baby, Nolan.
She will always be known as Eureka. Nolan was so cute.

Friday, June 03, 2005

this is hard

it hurts. i can't sleep. the pain medicine makes me sick. i don't know how i'll be able to work. i had decided to move early, at the end of june, and had to cancel. can't pack and move with one arm. i can't drive. i can't do laundry. i can't even use a can-opener. i'm whining. it could've been much worse. the timing isn't all that great. if i miss more work i won't be able to take my trip to california in july. i miss my mom. it's times like this i wish i were near family. i know God is in control, but it's hard. i need a lot of help. i'm glad i didn't need surgery.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

adventures of a clumsy girl i broke my wrist.
yes, i admit it, i am notoriously clumsy. so, i was getting ready for work today, walking around the house with socks on. i slipped on the wood floor, my hand must have went out, since i bounced off of it and lay on my back. when i was finally able to get up i made several phone calls, one of which was to call in to work, another to someone in the parish for a ride to the e.r. several hours, 4 x-rays, 2 percocets, and a trip to the drug store and i'm at home. i'll go monday to an m.d. to get a hard cast. and it's my left arm, and i'm left-handed. at least i have several people from the parish and from work that live in the area, so i'm not stranded. and i have a printed copy of my x-ray. :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


racoon Posted by Hello
Finally, I've got a working computer AND have my digital camera again, so I've posted more pictures here. :)
This one's a fat racoon I found sitting on the fencepost outside my door as I was leaving for work.